Windhorst Votes No on Gun Control Bill, Cites Unconstitutionality

Springfield….During a lengthy debate on the floor of the Illinois House, State Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) used his time to highlight his concerns with certain provisions of sweeping gun control legislation, SB 1966. In particular, Windhorst questioned the legislation’s sponsor on SB 1966’s requirement that all FOID Card and Concealed Carry License applicants be finger printed prior to the approval of their applications.

“This bill puts more burdens on law abiding gun owners, increases fees on those gun owners, and requires law-abiding citizens to provide fingerprints to exercise a constitutional right,” Windhorst said. “This bill is a massive overreach, and I strongly urge a no vote.”

Following the 62-52 vote in favor the legislation’s passage, Rep. Windhorst says he believes SB 1966 will eventually be struck down in court.

“Despite the seeming lack of concern from the bill’s sponsor, I strongly believe that any court will find several of provisions of the bill to be unconstitutional,” Windhorst said. “Even the most activist left wing judge should find a statewide fingerprint database for non-criminal, law-abiding gun owners, an outrageous and unconstitutional overreach.”

“I strongly opposed SB 1966 because it takes direct aim at law-abiding citizens’ Constitutional Rights and protections. I have little doubt that any court challenge of the law will reveal and affirm its unconstitutional nature. That means that today’s passage of SB 1966 will serve as a massive waste of time and resources for legislators, members of the judiciary, and the average tax paying individual in Illinois…all to light another candle on the altar of the radical national left-wing agenda.”