Rep. Windhorst Calls on Democratic Super-Majority to Remove Legislators’ Pay Increase from 2020 Budget

Metropolis… State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) is expressing opposition to a $1,600 pay increase for legislators that was included in the 2020 budget currently waiting on Governor Pritzker’s expected signature.

“The idea that any legislators deserve a pay raise, especially after what we saw during the last week of session, is absurd. The people of Illinois are hurting, and foolish actions like this continue to erode the trust between lawmakers and the constituents we are called to serve.”

Rep. Patrick Windhorst

Illinois law provides for legislators to receive cost of living pay increases as well as increases in mileage and per diem for session days every year. Since 2008, legislators have included language in the budget documents preventing those increases from going into effect. This year that language was not included. When the Senate discovered the increases were not prohibited, they passed separate legislation prohibiting the cost of living increase. The House adjourned Saturday without even considering that legislation.

In February Rep. Windhorst filed HB2965, a bill that would prevent legislators from accepting pay increases or increased reimbursement for mileage, lodging or meals. Rep. Windhorst’s bill currently has the support of 43 of the 44 House Republican Members and one lone Democrat, Rep. Carol Ammons of the 103rd district. For HB2965 to move forward Speaker Madigan would have to call legislators back into session and allow it to leave the rules committee for a vote. Governor Pritzker also has an opportunity to stop the $1,600 pay increase for lawmakers through an admendatory veto to the 2020 budget.

“I am calling on Governor Pritzker and those in the Democratic majority to do what is necessary to remove the $1,600 pay increase to lawmakers from the budget. The fact that I along with my Republican colleagues even have to speak on this issue is disappointing to say the least.”

Rep. Patrick Windhorst

Spring session ended on Sunday.