Rep. Windhorst Law will Strengthen Orders of Protection – 118th District State Rep. Announces First Bill Signed into Law

Metropolis….State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) received word late last week that legislation he sponsored in the 101st General Assembly’s spring 2019 Session has been signed into law. Rep. Windhorst served as Massac County State’s Attorney prior to serving as State Representative. Windhorst says he is happy to report the first bill he had signed into law is a victims’ rights bill.

“I want to thank my colleagues in the House and Senate for advancing HB 2308 to the Governor’s desk with unanimous support,” Rep. Windhorst said. “This new law will strengthen orders of protection and better protect victims of domestic violence. I appreciate the Governor signing this important bill in to law.”

Windhorst says HB 2308 allows a judge to prohibit a defendant from contacting victims or witnesses from jail while awaiting trial.

“Part of the reason for this change in the law is because inmates awaiting trial in county jails sometimes use their phone privileges to continue to harass their accuser. The goal of HB 2308 is to keep incarcerated offenders from being able to contact their victims while awaiting trial,” Windhorst said. “We owe that to the victims of violent crime and domestic abuse. When someone comes to law enforcement asking for protection, they should be able to feel secure and be kept safe from their aggressor until the legal matter at hand is resolved.”