Rep. Windhorst Responds to Vistra’s Plan to Close Remaining Coal-Fired Power Plants

METROPOLIS – Earlier this week, energy company Vistra announced a six year plan that will result in the eventual closure of several coal-fired power plants across Southern Illinois, including the plant in Joppa in Massac County. State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) has released the following statement in response to the announcement.

“I was saddened to learn of Vistra’s decision to retire the remainder of their fleet of coal-fired power plants throughout downstate and Southern Illinois, knowing that the decision will impact employees, their families and even entire communities.

The coal industry has endured decades of increased regulation, increased costs of operation, and stiff competition from the natural gas industry. Federal and state coal policies have had a long-lasting and devastating impact on the industry across the country.

I have always advocated for an ‘all of the above’ approach when it comes to energy production. That includes making the best use of Illinois’ vast reserve of coal resources that we can.

My thoughts are with the employees of Vistra and their families as they absorb this latest round of bad news and look toward their own futures.”