Windhorst: Governor Breaks ‘Pledge to Veto’ for Second Time

METROPOLIS – State Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) expressed disappointment in Governor JB Pritzker’s signature on a second version of legislative maps passed along party lines during a marathon one-day Special Session of the General Assembly back on August 31.

”When he first ran for Governor, JB Pritzker promised the people of Illinois that he would veto any legislative maps that were produced by politicians. In May, Democrats passed new maps using flawed data. The result of their non-transparent effort was an unconstitutional map. On their second attempt, Democrats passed a map along party lines that draws 12 current House Republican incumbent members into the same district. The map signed by the Governor today is purely political, by the admission of the legislations sponsor and the bill itself.

Governor Pritzker has broken his pledge to the people of Illinois for a second time on gerrymandered maps. I favor the removal of politicians from what should be a fiercely independent process.”