Windhorst Applauds US Supreme Court Decision Favoring Concealed Carry

METROPOLIS – State Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) issued the following statement applauding today’s US Supreme Court decision in favor of New York residents that sued the state over its overly burdensome regulations on the right of individuals to carry concealed weapons for self-defense purposes.

“I am greatly encouraged by today’s SCOTUS ruling in favor of the 2nd Amendment Right of individuals to carry concealed firearms outside of their personal residence for self-defense and personal protection. Nationwide, left-leaning politicians have passed burdensome laws infringing on the right to self-defense guaranteed in our 2nd Amendment. I am heartened by Justice Thomas’ words in the majority opinion affirming that the Constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense is not subject to which political party is in power or only available to citizens that follow a different set of rules other than those guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Today’s 6-3 decision is a win for personal safety and individual Constitutional rights.”