Rep. Windhorst Launches Petition Drive Opposing Latest Gun Control Legislation

METROPOLIS – 118th district State Representative (R-Metropolis) announced today that he is collecting petition signatures from constituents that are interested in expressing their opposition to sweeping gun and ammunition control legislation pending in the Illinois House.

Windhorst, a member of the Illinois House Judiciary Criminal Law Committee, says HB 5855 contains multiple troubling provisions that he believes are unworkable and unconstitutional.

”The latest iteration of gun and ammunition control legislation is problematic in many ways, including outlawing legal gun ownership for people under age 21, outlawing hunting for people under age 21 unless accompanied by an adult age 21 or older that holds a valid FOID card, and the implementation of a fee-based gun registration database that would turn current law-abiding citizens into felons for non-compliance,” Windhorst said. “In Southern Illinois, safe and legal gun ownership is a generational tradition for many families. Hunting is a way of life and a way of gathering food for many families that I represent.”

Windhorst says he has already heard from hundreds of concerned citizens speaking out in opposition to HB 5855.

“As a State Representative, I am duty-bound to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. It is my firm belief that HB 5855 contains several provisions that run counter to the constitutional protections afforded to citizens under the 2nd Amendment,” Windhorst said. “My effort to collect petition signatures is one way the people I represent can have their voices heard.”

Anyone interested in signing Rep. Windhorst’s petition opposing HB 5855 can visit