Windhorst: Effingham Judge Halts Firearms Ban, Further Legal Action Expected

METROPOLIS – House Republican Floor Leader and 117th District State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) issued a statement agreeing with an Effingham County judge’s decision on Friday afternoon that temporarily halts the implementation of Illinois’ recently signed firearm ban.

“As I have stated from the first introduction of this firearms ban in early December, this sweeping attempt to ban firearms in common use and to force law-abiding citizens to register their weapons with the government in order to exercise their rights is unconstitutional.

“I strongly support the decision and am encouraged by today’s temporary restraining order entered in Effingham County. We know this case will likely be appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court. This law was also challenged this week in federal court by the Illinois State Rifle Association. I would encourage 2nd Amendment supporters to stay up to date on further court actions.”