Rep. Windhorst Disappointed by State Supreme Court’s Ruling Upholding Firearms Ban

METROPOLIS – House Republican Floor Leader State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) issued the following statement upon learning of the Illinois State Supreme Court’s 4-3 ruling upholding the controversial firearms and magazine ban signed into law in January.

“I was vigorously opposed to the firearms and magazine ban that I believe unfairly and unconstitutionally outlaws firearms and magazines in common use by millions of law-abiding Illinois citizens. Today’s ruling is a disappointment, but I am not surprised given the current makeup of the State Supreme Court.

“For years, I have stood with the law-abiding citizens of Illinois in defense of their right to carry firearms and use them responsibly. For decades, Democrats in Springfield have worked to undermine and take away these 2nd Amendment rights. While we may hear declarations of victory from politicians from the Democratic side of the aisle today, we must remember that there is currently a federal lawsuit pending before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The United States Constitution clearly states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I remain hopeful that the lawsuit pending on the federal docket will be successful, and ultimately the nation’s highest court will deem Illinois’ firearms and magazine ban unconstitutional.”

Democratic Justice Mary K. O’Brien, in her dissent wrote the classifications of firearms and magazines banned, “Do not and will not reasonably remedy the evils the legislation was designed to combat.

“Instead of addressing crime and criminal behavior, Democratic politicians have continuously passed laws that help criminals avoid punishment and consequences for their criminal actions. A firearms ban will do nothing to stop criminals bent on committing mass shootings or other acts of violence.”