Sen. Fowler & Rep. Windhorst work with Comptroller’s Office to prevent Golden Circle Senior Center closures

Harrisburg, IL – Following the facility closure announcements of the Golden Circle Senior Centers Thursday, State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) and State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) have worked diligently with administrators and state agencies to prevent closures at the senior centers.

“This morning, I immediately called for a meeting with Golden Circle Administrators to learn more about the problems the center is facing and how my office can help,” said Senator Fowler. “Since this meeting, I have been in direct contact with the Illinois Comptroller’s Office to find out what funds are owed by the State of Illinois to the facilities.”

Through communications from state officials with the Illinois Comptroller’s Office, it was determined that $136,000 in voucher reimbursements are owed to Golden Circle.

“I have been assured this money will be released immediately to keep these vital resource centers open and operational in our communities,” said Fowler.

Representative Windhorst gives credit to a team effort that came together quickly led by Senator Fowler and joined by the Illinois Comptroller’s office.

“I am happy to have been able to assist in helping Golden Circle solve this important issue. The residents that rely on the services provided by Golden Circle will now be able to continue to receive those vital services, continue with their activities, and maintain their quality of life,” Windhorst said. “I am thankful to Senator Fowler, and to Comptroller Mendoza for their hard work and leadership on this issue. We must do everything we can to protect and defend vulnerable populations and those receiving necessary services in Southern Illinois.”

“I want to graciously thank Senator Dale Fowler and Representative Windhorst for their immediate attention in helping us find a solution to keep our doors open,” said Gloria Stacey, Golden Circle Senior Center, Executive Director. “Because of the expedited process in receiving state funds, it is with a warm heart I announce that the Golden Circle Senior Centers will now remain open.”

During meetings with Golden Circle, it was also learned of potential funding delays involving Managed Care Organizations used by the facilities. Senator Fowler and Representative Windhorst will remain in contact with governmental affairs personnel of the Managed Care Organizations regarding that funding as well.

“These facilities play a vital role for our senior citizen community and the 90 employees that work there. I commend the Comptroller’s office for their swift response in the releasing of these funds and I will continue to closely monitor this situation in the coming weeks and months ahead,” concluded Senator Fowler.