State Rep. Patrick Windhorst Named to Several Key House Committees

State Representative Patrick Windhorst has received appointments to several key Illinois House Committees. The first-term Metropolis Republican says his committee assignments will help him best Represent the needs of the people of the 118th district.

“I am very excited to get to work on critical issues of policy we face as a State,” Windhorst said. “The Committee process is important to maintaining our system of government. We want full vetting for any law that passes because every law that we enact impacts and applies to every Illinoisan.”

Windhorst has been named a regular standing member of the following Committees in the House: Human Services and Human Services – Appropriations, Economic Opportunity & Equity, Higher Education, Judiciary Criminal Law, and Mental Health.

“My background as a prosecutor gives me a solid foundation on which to make my decisions in the Judiciary Criminal Law Committee,” Windhorst said. “As State’s Attorney, I was a strong advocate for improving mental health outcomes. As State Representative, I am also looking forward to working to better our mental health system in the State of Illinois as a member of the Mental Health Committee.”

Windhorst says he will also be a strong advocate for area institutions of higher education as a member of the House’s Higher Education Committee.

“The 118th district is either home to, or geographically close to Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Southeastern Illinois Community College, Shawnee Community College, Rend Lake Community College, and John A. Logan Community College,” Windhorst said. “Students from all over Illinois attend these area schools. I am excited to stand up for these institutions as a member of the Higher Education Committee.”