Windhorst Joins IEMA in Urging Residents to Report Flood Damage

Metropolis….State Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) is urging local residents impacted by recent flooding to make sure to report any flood damages to local or state officials. Windhorst says the Illinois Department of Emergency Management released information on Tuesday to point flooding victims where they can go to make such reports.

“IEMA is working to gather flood damage reports ahead of a July 22 deadline,” Windhorst said. “In order for Illinois to receive federal disaster declaration funding, the total amount of damage must be more than $19 million dollars. That means, every bit of damage, whether it be $200 or $2000 should be reported to ensure Illinois receives maximum assistance.”

Residents that have experienced flood damage on their property can contact their county’s emergency management agency, or can visit for more information. Residents can also report flood damage by visiting