Windhorst Urges Residents to Take Online Property Tax Survey

METROPOLIS….State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) says he knows his constituents are concerned about the high-cost of property taxes in the State of Illinois. The first-term lawmaker is offering his constituents the opportunity to express their opinions on property taxes via an online poll.

“The 118th district is a border district,” Windhorst said. “High property taxes in Southern Illinois cause homeowners and potential employers to look to places like Missouri and Kentucky for more affordable property taxes. I hope to present the results of the survey to legislative leaders in Springfield so we can start a dialogue on how to not just freeze taxes at their current high level, but to actually reduce the property tax burden for our citizens.”  

Windhorst led a Capitol press conference during the spring 2019 Legislative Session to highlight a study that shows Illinois’ has the highest combined tax burden in America.  

“The State of Illinois ranks dead-last in the nation in taxpayer friendliness,” Windhorst said. “Property taxes in Illinois are infamously high and contribute to our dubious ranking. This online property tax survey offers my constituents the chance to sound off on their opinion on an issue that sometimes prices folks out of their home or keeps families from purchasing a home in the first place.”  

Those interested can take the survey online at