Windhorst: Rushed Process Leaves Unanswered Questions on Pension Reform

Springfield….State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) cast an opposing vote on legislation that will combine police and fire pension system assets. Windhorst says the Veto Session did not provide adequate time to study legislation of such magnitude, and that the rushed process has led to a concerning lack of details.

Windhorst says his no vote on SB 1300 also represents the voices of police and firefighters in his district who contacted him overwhelmingly in opposition to the plan.

“The first responders from my district expressed serious concerns that this complex financial undertaking should not go forward without proper study or actuarial analysis,” Windhorst said. “This plan will expose the $14 billion in combined police and fire pension assets to higher risks, which could lead to losses instead of gains. I am concerned at the lack of details that were provided to members on the long-term consequences of this measure.”

Governor JB Pritzker announced he would sign the bill during a Capitol press conference on the final day of the Veto Session.