Reps. Windhorst, Miller and Bailey Join Forces to Recruit Volunteers for Senior Programs in Southern Illinois

METROPOLIS – State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis), along with Rep. Chris Miller 110th District and Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) is asking for volunteers throughout southeastern Illinois to assist the Illinois Department on Aging with various programs for senior citizens. The Area Agency on Aging for Southeastern Illinois has notified the Department on Aging they are in need of volunteers, specifically to distribute shelf-stable FEMA meals throughout the following counties: Jasper, Crawford, Richland, Lawrence, Wayne, Edwards, Wabash, Hamilton and White.

State Rep. Patrick Windhorst says those who are able to deliver meals or volunteer in other ways can find many opportunities to help.

“The opportunities to volunteer, to help make this dark time a little brighter for vulnerable people are definitely out there,” Windhorst said. “I want to encourage anyone that is able to help by delivering meals on wheels, or even making phone calls to do wellness checks on seniors or others that are homebound to come forward and help. This is the time that we as Southern Illinoisans can come together and make a difference for people that are hurting or people that just need a friendly phone call,” Windhorst said.

“I know there are several programs through churches with volunteers helping to provide meals to people, and this is another opportunity for us to help our senior neighbors,” commented Rep. Darren Bailey.

“Our senior family members and neighbors are among the most impacted by this prolonged shutdown. We can help provide needed meals to keep them healthy, and a quick hello to keep them connected during this tough time. If you are able to help, please let us know,” Rep. Miller said.

Please contact any of our offices or Shana Holmes with the Area Agency on Aging for Southeastern Illinois at 812-664-5391 or 812-677-2820.