Rep. Windhorst: Trailer License Plate Renewal Fees to Significantly Drop in 2022

METROPOLIS – State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) has good news for Illinoisans that purchase trailer license plate sticker renewals. After legislation in 2019, which Windhorst opposed, caused the trailer licensing fee to increase from $18 to $118, Windhorst and his colleagues in the House voted to reduce the fee to $36.

“For the last two years, thousands of Illinois motorists were forced to pay a significantly higher amount to renew their trailer license plate sticker,” Windhorst said. “There is good news coming in 2022, as the House and Senate approved a reduction in the fee from $118 down to $36. I’m hopeful this change will extend some relief to hard working Illinoisans at a time of increased inflation and motor fuel fees. The trailer license sticker fee reduction is one example of how the legislature can act to help working families when we cooperate in a bipartisan manner. I’m hopeful we can shift our attention to providing more relief in the coming new year as the legislature returns to work on January 4th.”