Rep. Windhorst: Madigan Indictment Demonstrates Need for Anti-Corruption Reforms

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) says the indictment of former House Speaker Michael J. Madigan by a federal grand jury on racketeering charges demonstrates the urgent need for Illinois to move quickly to enact strong anti-corruption reforms.

“I want to thank the FBI, IRS and members of the United States Attorney’s office of Illinois for their exhaustive work investigating the massive public corruption scandal that has culminated in today’s indictment of former Speaker Mike Madigan. This indictment outlines the alleged decade-long criminal enterprise run by former Speaker Madigan and enabled by many around him.  The Illinois General Assembly must take immediate steps to root out public corruption in Illinois by strengthening our ethics laws.  The people of Illinois deserve a government worthy of their trust and the passage of a sweeping package of reforms to prevent any politician from ever abusing public trust and a powerful public office this way again.”