Windhorst Leads Opposition to Latest SAFE-T Act Bill

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) was a leading voice on the Illinois House floor opposing the latest measure aimed at cleaning up problems with the so-called SAFE-T Act during the final day of the last week of Veto Session in Springfield. Rep. Windhorst pointed out several flaws that remain with the legislation despite House and Senate Democrats pushing a 4th ‘trailer’ bill that amends the original law. Rep. Windhorst voted no on HB 1095 as amended and released the following statement after the bill passed the Illinois House.

“I have been a leading voice in opposing the end of cash bail, as I believe it will lead to an increase in crime in our state. I have also been a staunch opponent of the SAFE-T Act’s provision that potentially forces victims of violent crime to appear at pre-trial detention hearings within 48 hours of the crime that was committed against them, putting them back in the same room with their perpetrator. I believe allowing anonymous complaints against police officers and using those anonymous complaints as a way to fire police officers denies our law enforcement officials due process. The SAFE-T Act still contains unworkable and unsafe flaws despite all of the follow up bills that have come through the House and Senate since 2021. I have sponsored legislation that would repeal the original SAFE-T Act, and believe that because of the many problematic parts of the law that will remain in place, repeal is the best way to ensure the safety of our communities going forward.”