Windhorst Sponsored Bills Signed into Law

METROPOLIS – State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) has announced the signing into law of two pieces of legislation that he sponsored during the spring 2023 legislative session. Rep. Windhorst serves as the Illinois House Republicans’ Floor Leader. He is also a licensed attorney and former prosecutor.

HB 2390, now Public Act 103-0033, would prevent disabled retired police officers that have reached the age of 60 from being recalled to work. Under current law, a police officer on disability can be recalled to duty at any age. Windhorst says the bill prevents a deputy sheriff or police officer who is retired for disability and is 60 years old or older may not be recalled to service in any capacity.

“I am grateful to have received unanimous support in the legislature for this legislation and am very pleased to announce the governor has signed the bill into law,” Windhorst said. “I believe this law helps us express the appropriate appreciation that we have for our police officers and sheriffs that have served our communities and put their lives and bodies on the line. We should not be forcing anyone that has been disabled and even if they are now recovered, to return after the age of 60 to the very dangerous work that police officers do. I appreciate our police, and if someone wishes to return to work, they still could.”

Windhorst also reports SB 1098 has been signed into law as Public Act 103-0079. SB 1098 makes a change to the way the Saline Valley Conservancy District Board of Trustees is structured.

The law allows the mayor of each municipality that purchases water from the conservancy district with a population of 2,000 to 4,999 to appoint a trustee to the board. 

“I was happy to join with Senator Dale Fowler to pass this bill to give locally elected officials the opportunity to have their municipality represented on the Saline Valley Conservancy District board,” Windhorst said. “I’m a firm believer in local control and locally elected officials having direct input into the actions that impact the people they serve. This new law allows mayors to appoint board members for a 5 year term and to fill vacancies that may arise. I’m grateful to my colleagues in the House and Senate for their unanimous support and grateful that the bill has now become a law.”

Governor JB Pritzker signed the two Windhorst-backed bills into law on Friday, June 9th.