Rep. Windhorst Earns Unanimous Support for Legislation Allowing County Sheriffs to Serve on 911 Boards

SPRINGFIELD, IL … State Representative Patrick Windhorst earned unanimous support for legislation that will allow County Sheriffs to serve on local 911 boards. Rep. Windhorst serves as the House Republican Floor Leader and the House Republican Spokesman on the House Judiciary Criminal Law Committee.

Windhorst says the legislation, HB 5128, is necessary to clear up confusion in current statute.

”A situation arose where there was a question whether a county sheriff would be able to serve on a 911 board,” Windhorst said. “County Sheriffs are well qualified and valuable members of the law enforcement community. It makes good sense to allow them to serve on 911 boards, and if we can clear up confusion in the law, that is all the better. We need strong, qualified appointees serving on our 911 boards.”

HB 5128 earned unanimous support from the Illinois House of Representatives. The legislation will now head to the Illinois Senate for consideration. The House is currently working on House bills filed this year with a deadline for substantive legislation to pass the House set for this Friday.